“Such a factory like this is unique”

Traditional Blue Delft Pottery. Design from Holland!

Handmade Ceramics

Our ceramics factory has a rich history in The Netherlands. Starting in Gouda in 1610. The company moved to the province of Drenthe, in the north of the Netherlands, in 1974.

Our ceramic are made in one of the oldest earthenware factories in Europe, and the only ceramics factory in the Netherlands.

A passionate company known for its authentic craftsmanship, which hasn’t changed for over 400 years. Their unique pottery is made with care and passion. Each item has its own story and identity!

In this ceramics factory, pottery is manufactured with care, and hand painted by qualified craftsmen in a centuries-old technique. Tradition and modern design come together in innovative designs. These ceramics are high quality and every product is unique and special.

“A factory like this is unique”


A regional product, handmade by craftsmen, full of history, nostalgia, and joy.

Unique memories for The Box Dutch

Our unique historic Amsterdam canal house miniatures are handcrafted, hand painted, and decorated in a centuries-old technique by professionals.

These canal houses are custom made and a unique addition to the Dutch box. They have a truly authentic design in color and shape.

Delft Blue pottery and ceramics ‒ tradition made with passion.


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