Authentic. Traditional. Local cereals. Delicious.

Taste the Dutch authentic flavor. Ground in the Dutch wind!

Dutch Windmill

A unique and historical Dutch windmill, a monument with a rich history. This is one of the two remaining windmills in the Netherlands that still grind flour in this unique and authentic way!

This flour is traditionally milled on a millstone, and that gives a delicious authentic flavor to the flour that you can taste in our delightful bread and baking mixes.

Authenticity, tradition, local grains, passion, and craftsmanship are what make these products irresistibly tasty!


This windmill, a “grondzeiler”, dates from 1860 and was moved to Kropswolde, a village in the north of the Netherlands, in 1923. A grondzeiler is a type of windmill that has blades rotating close to the ground.

The grain we use is grown by local farmers in the area. A unique local Dutch product for you!


The Dutch box. Filled with delicious Dutch bake mixes!

The Dutch Box is filled with delicious Dutch bake mixes from this windmill. All authentic and traditional food from Holland.

LoLovely bake mixes with the taste of Holland that are only made with high quality flour!

In our trial bakery, we developed new bake and bread mixes. An exclusive assortment. Sweet and savory. Bread, cake, pie, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes…. they are all irresistibly tasty!

And every two months we have a new Box, with a new Dutch theme. FOR YOU! A (local) taste of the Netherlands!

Sweet and delicious! We love it! And you will love it too!


If you haven any question please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you, asap.


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