Discover traditional & authentic delicacies from Holland!
We have every month, 4 different Dutch baking mixes for you!

Delicious Dutch WEEKEND Box  |  4 baking mixes

It is weekend! Celebrate your weekend with typical Dutch treats!

Lovely bake mixes with the taste of Holland that are only made with flour of the highest quality! Sweet and savory. Bread, cake, pie, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes…. they are all irresistibly tasty!

Each month, 4 Dutch baking mixes!

The box contains four delicious Dutch baking mixes. One for every weekend! And we have four different baking mixes each month. Now you can discover the most delicious treats of Holland every weekend! Anytime, anywhere in the world!

These baking mixes are made from uniquely ground flour. This flour is traditionally milled on a millstone, which gives it a delicious authentic flavor that you can taste in all our bread and baking mixes.

The grain is grown by local farmers in the area and is ground in a unique and authentic way. This windmill is one of the two remaining windmills in the Netherlands that still grind flour in this unique and authentic way!

A unique, local Dutch product for you! Bake and eat it all over the world! Discover these traditional and authentic delicacies from the Netherlands now!


November box   | What do you get?

The box of the month November consists the following 4 bake mixes:

Old Farmer’s Apple pie.
The world famous, the one and only! And now you can also bake it yourself! Simple, fast, and delicious. Dutch Apple Pie baking mix, made from local grains and milled in a Dutch windmill.

Cookies. Dutch cookies! Deliciously sweet and crispy. Bake them in the shape of a small windmill for an extra Dutch atmosphere.

Coconut Macaroons. Soft inside but crispy on the outside! A delicious cookie made from coconut.

Old Dutch Cake. A brown coffee cake with a nutty aftertaste. Traditionally Dutch! Irresistibly delicious!

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