The Dutch Box

  • Luxury Box

  • Speculaas Cake Bake Mix
  • Speculaas Bake Mix
  • Kniepertjes Bake Mix
  • Stroopwafel Cake Bake Mix (syrup waffle)
  • Caramel Cake Bake Mix
  • Brownies Bake Mix
  • Amsterdam Canal House (house no. 2 of the collection)
  • 6 Recipe Cards

    clear description and preparation methods for all recipes for this Dutch box.
  • From

    euro 119,-

  • Bussines Box!

  • Coffee to GO cup 0.5l
  • Mini syrup waffles
  • Coffee to GO with a personal touch and traditional handmade
  • Ideal for business relations gifts!
  • From

    euro 40,-

  • Weekend Box

  • Dutch Farmer’s Apple Pie mix
  • Dutch cookies mix! including a windmill cookie cutter
  • Coconut Macaroons mix A delicious cookie made from coconut.
  • Stroopwafel Cake Bake Mix (syrup waffle)
  • 4 Recipe Cards

    clear description and preparation methods for all recipes for this Dutch box.
  • From

    euro 24,-

Enjoy with family & friends the products
from The Netherlands!

Get the Dutch atmosphere in your home with our Dutch Box. Filled with delicious Dutch bake mixes, food and nice kitchen- & lifestyle products from The Netherlands!

The Dutch Box a real Dutch MUST HAVE!

You can choose from two different boxes: the LUXURY BOX and the WEEKEND BOX. Two boxes full of delicious and beautiful handicraft products made by unique, local companies from The Netherlands!

The LUXURY BOX has a Dutch theme. And every two months we have a new box with another new Dutch theme! The box contains delicious Dutch baking- & bread mixes + extra Dutch ingredients for a luxury delicacy! Kitchen Items and an unique Hand-Painted, Amsterdam Canal Houses, from real Delft Pottery.

You can order this box in pre-order. This has advantages: You buy the box with a discount and you have a box at home, before the normal sale starts. De 1st box starts in January, de 2nd in March, the 3rd in May…. and so on. Take a look what’s in the LUXURY box.

The WEEKEND BOX contains of four delicious Dutch baking mixes. This box can be ordered each month. You get 4 baking mixes, for every weekend one mixes! And each month we have a new WEEKEND BOX, with 4 different baking mixes for you. Take a look at the WEEKEND box of this month.

Discover now the traditional & authentic delicacies from Netherlands!

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